Delphi Metri-Pack Connectors

The Metri-Pack Series 150 Sealed connectors are available with 1 to 10 cavities with contacts to suit two cable sizes (0.35-0.50 and 0.50-1.00mm2) catering for up to 14 Amps. The Connector Assembly 6 Female pictured here (part No. 12162261) are part of the 150.2 Pull-to-Seat variation which are specifically-designed for vehicle device applications.


While we don’t stock as many lines of Delphi as we do our core brands, such as Deutsch and Anderson Power Products, we are able to source Delphi overnight and with very low minimum order quantities through our responsive supply chain.

For more information or to order, email our Delphi specialist Greg Murphy or call 07 3376 4900.


Deutsch HDP20 Connector Kits

To make life easier for our customers we offer complete assemblies or ‘kits’ in many of the Deutsch Industrial product ranges. These include all of the housings, contacts, wedges and other items to make a complete connection and are far simpler to order than multiple item codes – particularly when there are so many contact codes and the differences between them are subtle.

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Project Update: Ben Vosloo’s K1-Attack!

K1 Attack FR

Many of our customers have interesting projects in the works and we’re always delighted to hear how our products are being used. You may recall a post we did last year on Ben Vosloo’s K1-Attack and the Deutsch Industrial connectors he selected for the build.

At that stage the car was a rolling chassis with a 1,998cc turbocharged 3S-GTE Toyota powerplant installed, plumbed and wired. As we covered in our latest newsletter, the car is now very close to complete, and Ben was kind enough to furnish us with a gallery of images below.

Ben Vosloo would like to thank Petr Beneš of B-Racing for supplying the K1-Attack kit and the appointed engineer, Earl Gilchrist, for his expert advice.

Customer Project: Ben Vosloo’s 3S-GTE K1-Attack

The K1-Attack is a mid-engined sports car conceived by K1 Engineering (formerly K1 Styling & Tuning) in Slovakia. The company was founded by Dick Kvetnansky and began production of its first vehicle, the Evoluzione, in 1999.

K1-Attack CompleteThe Juray Mitro-designed K1-Attack followed in 2001 as a complete turn-key build based around a FWD Honda Accord F20 (130hp) or F22 (150hp) drivetrain relocated to a mid-engined configuration.

K1 Engineering later offered the car in kit form through various international partners. One such distributor is Petr Beneš of B-Racing expanded the drivetrain options to include the Honda H22A, H22A5, K20A and K24 powerplants, along with the Toyota 3S-GTE solution that Ben Vosloo has selected for his build in the images below.

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Anderson Connectors in a $2.8M hypercar?

The well-known repository of all-things aesthetically pleasing in the automotive world, Speedhunters, posted an article last year on the most recent in long line of ‘final versions’ of the Pagani Zonda: the Revolucion. You can view the original piece here.

Amongst the typically stunning images from and we noticed something in an interior shot of the USD2.8 million hypercar that immediately grabbed our attention: a $3 Anderson connector!Pagani Revolucion Anderson SB50 Connector

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Powersafe: Source vs Drain

PowersafeInFocusPart1We sometimes receive queries regarding the correct terminology for specifying Phase 3 Powersafe connectors and the sequential-mating Powersafe Box. Many of these enquiries stem from confusion surrounding Phase 3’s usage of the terms source and drain to demarcate its connectors.

In this post we will detail the identification of the source and the drain in your application so that connectors can be ordered correctly.

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